Orthodontic treatment is not only limited with children but also adults can have their teeth straightened. One of every five patients in our clinic is over 21. Adult orthodontics improve dental health, personel appearance and self esteem as well. Crowded teeth, spacing between teeth, improper bite can cause gum and underlying bone damage, gingival recession and tooth cavities.

Adult orthodontics can be used at any age if gum, underlying bone structures are healthy. Periodental problems can cause limited tooth movement. In addition, some treatment procedures need growth pattern. Adult patients can have limited treatment options cause they are non-growers any more.

Adult patients can be treated by clear (ceramic) braces which are more esthetic than the matal ones. However, some of our patients prefer the metal braces due to their smaller and comfortable designs. Modern techniques used in our clinic keep treatment time at a minimum level. However, it should be kept in mind that differancial treatment protocols in each individual defines the treatment time. At your visit Dr. Sultan will explain the treatment options available for your malocclusion and together you and your doctor will decide the best treatment.

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