Treatment timing depends on the individual stuation of the patient. Many people can have an orthodontic treatment at any age. However, there are some orthopeadic problems that can be fixed only at early ages.

Initial orthodontic diagnosis can be done at around age 7 or before that age when the first orthodontic problem can be noticed. At this stage, orthodontic treatment may not be necessary however the ideal age or time for orthodontic treatment can be foreseen.

Habit breaking appliances, crossbite corrections, space maintainers, etc. can be applied and be helpful for further orthodontic problems and/or treatments. Some treatment options can only be done at growing in young patients, that is why the treatment timing is very important to get the best result.

Early treatment can be necessary to regulate the arch widths of upper and lower jaws, to gain space for permanent teeth, to avoid permanent teeth extraction for treatment purposes, and to prevent permanent teeth impaction.

If treatment is indicated but the patient is too young to treat, we see our patient in time intervals of 6-12 months. Ther is no extra fee for observation visits.

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